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Restaurant Accountant in Newport Beach, CA

As a restaurant owner or franchisee, you understand the fiercely competitive nature of your industry. You focus on staying competitive and profitable. Key performance indicators such as customer count, average ticket price, raw material yields, current ratios, cash position, food, and labor cost are just a few of the variables you examine to stay competitive. You require the data, but your expertise is not as a CPA. James Valle & Company, CPAs have hands-on restaurant ownership, management, tax, and accounting skills. Let us add value to your company. 

Many CPAs understand bookkeeping, tax and accounting, but have never owned and operated restaurants. They do not understand the day-to-day decisions made by restaurant owners.  Our CPA firm was founded by a CPA/UCLA MBA with hands-on restaurant ownership experience. James Valle graduated first in his class in a two-year training program at McDonalds’ famed Hamburger University. James has been owner/operator and consultant to many quick-service, casual dining, and fine dining establishments. He has been a CPA for over 30 years and has helped many companies grow their businesses.

Our Restaurant Practice Division can provide bookkeeping, accounts payable processing, payroll, key performance indicator tracking, and tax planning and tax compliance. In addition, our Restaurant Advisory Services can help you identify opportunities to improve profitability.  

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