Divorce Mediation Fees

Fees of Divorce Mediation in Newport Beach, CA

Divorce mediation fees are usually tens of thousands of dollars less expensive than traditional, attorney led, adversarial court proceedings.  We have documented cases where our clients have saved over $300,000 in attorney and forensic accounting fees when they switched to our divorce mediation services.

Costs are based on the number of hours required to reach resolution and the types of professionals involved.  The cost of mediation increases if the parties are not willing to compromise or become emotionally bonded to a financial issue.  In many cases, James Valle & Company, CPAs can work on a fixed fee, so you can control your costs.

A retainer is required at the onset of the case.  The retainer is based on the estimated time to complete the mediation.  Excess retainer over the actual cost of the mediation is promptly refunded to the payers.

Hourly fees range from $175 to $450 per hour, depending on the type of professional.  There is a $150 per person fee for the first hour of intake, payable at the time of service.  On the average it takes four to ten, two and one-half hour meetings of mediation to reach a Marital Settlement Agreement (“MSA”).

Court filed document preparation fees are fixed fee averaging $300, plus court filing costs. The cost to prepare the MSA varies with the complexity of the MSA, but averages $500 to $2,500.

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