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Reliable Divorce Mediation in Newport Beach

close up of wedding rings and US dollarsAt James Valle & Company, CPAs, our team knows how difficult it is to navigate successfully through a divorce without having to also worry about all the tax implications and court appearances. We work with you or both parties to find a beneficial solution that protects the finances of everyone involved. Our goal is to help provide a neutral and facilitating environment where problems can be resolved as peacefully and quickly as possible.

Since 2011, our CPA has been helping couples find amicable solutions to their most challenging problems and differences. We know divorce is never easy and do everything we can to make it as smooth a transition as possible. If you're looking for divorce mediation in Newport Beach, let our CPA help you find the solutions you're looking for. Contact our office today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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What is Divorce Mediation?

There are many pitfalls and obstacles to avoid when going through a divorce. A divorce mediator is a highly-trained individual who will help guide you from the beginning to the end of your divorce, working to achieve the best outcomes possible. This process is confidential and completely voluntary. Our team is trained to handle even the most volatile situations and brings a calming and steadying effect to the divorce process. As CPAs, we always work toward the best interests of everyon. If there are children involved, you can trust us always to have their best interests at heart. By the time we complete our process, you will have a finalized divorce without ever having to step foot into a courtroom.

A Unique Perspective to Solve Divorce Tax Issues

couple signing divorce papersIt is common practice to hire a lawyer when filing for divorce, but they often lack the understanding of tax regulations to help both parties protect their hard-earned income. Three out of the four major issues faced when going through a divorce are tax-related. These three issues include:

  • The Identification and Distribution of Assets
  • The Identification and Distribution of Liabilities
  • Determining Spousal and Child Support

Our Newport Beach divorce CPA has extensive knowledge of tax codes and regulations that helps you minimize your divorce tax obligations. We don't want your divorce to leave you penniless and without the means to support yourself or your children. By protecting the assets of all parties involved, our team helps position you toward future financial success.

The fourth major issue when going through a divorce is creating a parental plan if children are involved. We work with trusted local experts, including child psychologists, to help with any complex problems that may arise. Regardless of the issues you're facing, our team has the expertise and knowledge to find even the most elusive answers.

Benefits of Our Divorce Mediation Services

Our Newport Beach divorce CPA helped pioneer the field of divorce mediation that focuses on financial and tax resolution. We don't simply want to get you the best deal, but instead strive to set you up for a bright and sustainable future. Some of the unique benefits you'll receive when working with us include:

Divorce Planning - The best time to involve our divorce mediation services is before you file for divorce and hire an attorney. When attorneys get involved, it often creates a hostile and adversarial environment that results in time-consuming and costly negotiations. Our team helps you or both parties plan out your divorce, considering all areas of tax, estate, and financial planning. We'll also help maximize the distribution of your combined net worth.

Speed - When divorcing, many people find themselves in lengthy court battles that can add years to finalizing your divorce. Our team uses a streamlined process to effectively navigate all the major divorce issues with ease to achieve the best and quickest results possible. When working with us, it is not uncommon for your divorce to be finalized within six months.

Impartiality - We want what's best for you and the other party. By maintaining our neutrality between parties, our team ensures you're saving the most money possible. We avoid delayed resolutions, lawyer fees, and court hearings.

High-Conflict Resolution - It is common for tensions to be high when two people are planning to divorce. We provide a safe place to facilitate conversation and reach mutually agreed-upon terms that put both individuals' futures into perspective. It also allows us to help your kids end up with the best benefits possible.

Newport Beach Divorce Mediation You Can Trust

cpa and client shaking hands after getting help with Newport Beach divorce mediationAt James Valle & Company, CPAs, we work hard to help you find the smoothest and least stressful path through a divorce. Combining our extensive tax knowledge with our experience navigating difficult situations, our team can help you get the best financial results possible when finalizing your divorce. If you're looking for divorce mediation in Newport Beach, we're the team you can count on to be there when you need us most. Contact our office today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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